Climate Friendly Aberlady

Climate Friendly Aberlady

Welcome to the website of the Climate Friendly Aberlady project. Are you up to the challenge of climate change?

CFA is a community environmental project funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. You can see two versions of a promotional video involving six communities from across Scotland via the links below.

Climate Challenge Fund Film (12 minute version)
Climate Challenge Fund Film (4 minute version)

Our project aims to demonstrate how Aberlady could reduce its carbon footprint by just small changes to our daily behaviours. Combined with emission reductions from over 500 other funded projects tackling the devastating impacts of severe weather and climate change, our efforts will make a difference to whether Scotland meets its world-leading climate change targets.

Just as importantly, our actions should result in Aberlady being an even more pleasant place to live, work and move about in – with the additional benefit of reduced energy and travel costs!

Our village sits on the John Muir Way, named after the world’s most famous environmentalist, John Muir from Dunbar, and is nestled on the edge of Britain’s very first Local Nature Reserve. Aberlady is therefore an ideal location for a climate change project - and with your help, ideas and suggestions we can make it a success.

Climate Friendly Aberlady focuses on four key areas:

What are YOU being asked to do?

First of all, register your interest in the project.

This will ensure you receive email updates on workshops taking place and other information on the project. By registering, you are also providing evidence of the extent of community interest generated by the project - which the funders are looking for.

Agree to provide feedback on household energy use.

We will send you a very simple form on which to record your household energy use over the period of the project. This will show how our behaviours are changing our energy use - and emissions. This allows us to submit project data to the funders.

Be enthusiastic!

Whatever your views on climate change, the project has wider benefits for the community. It’s a win-win project. In addition to the various workshops being provided by the project, why not have regular climate cafe discussions over tea and cake? Who knows where our ideas will lead – a renewable energy source for the village perhaps?

Climate Friendly Aberlady supports Scotland's Earth Hour

Click here to read more about Climate Friendly Aberlady's support for Scotland's Earth Hour 2017 at the official WWF website.